Selasa, 26 Januari 2010


For a long time ago, scientists had different idea about the nature light. And by the end of the eighteenth century, some physicists done some experiment about light such as:

1. Thomas Young, done an experiment about how to provide incontrovertible proof of the wave nature of light and this was his double-slit experiment and by this experiment physicists knew that light travelled as waves.

2. Albert Einstein, done an experiment about the photoelectric effect. When light intersects with substance or matter, it will showed in the form of particles. And now, most of us accept this experiment in the nature of radiation and matter.

we do double-slit experiment to observe interference and we need:
a. two sets of waves
b. the same wavelength
c. must be coherent (phase difference between the waves remain constant)

To determining the wavelength of light, we can use double-slit experiment, but we need to measured 3 quantities :
1. Slit separation
2. Fringe separation
3. Slit-to-screen

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NF:i apologize to mr albaini zuhdi because i just show my summary about light today, there's a problem with my internet connection yesterday.


Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

Physics projects

Like i already told before i will show you some of my projects since my second semester in my high school. And here we go:

1. first, is my project about how GPS (Global Positioning System) works. So every student in my class, create their own how stuff works presentation, there are another 23 hsw in my class (yeah that's because the student in my class just 24). I choose GPS, because i think this topic was global and everyone know about it and even some of you already used it especially when you get lost. You can see my presentation by clicking --> GPS

2. A week after we (my class) presented our own project, my lovely teacher, Mr. Albaini Zuhdi, told us to search some article, presentation, and video about waves. And this works are great because it makes me more understand about it. But sorry about the video, because i forgot where's i put the folder LOL

And this is the how GPS works video

I think that's for this blog, i hope you will get some knowledge from my posting. Catch you laterrr

My new blog

Hello everyone!

This is my new blog, i already have a blog before a create this blog, but i forgot my own password hahaha. In this blog i will write everything especially about me and works about physics because my teacher told me, i mean my class, to create a blog so we could show our creativity and show how smart we are especially about physics.

Okay i think that's all for my first posting. Hope you will always view my blog. And sorry for any mistakes